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The Perfect Facebook Post

Sep 12, 2013

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Provide Appealing Information

Provide information to the user that makes them want to click and share with their friends.

Keep things exciting and positive

When your write your status updates, make sure you keep them positive because positively breeds more engagement and people are likely to share it.

Provide a link

If your content has a link, make sure you use a URL shortener that allows for tracking to see how many people are clicking. is a great services for a URL shortener.

Make it Mobile Friendly

Mobile usage for Facebook is exploding! More than 70% of Facebook users look at Facebook on their smartphone. Make sure your content is simple to understand on a smaller screen.

Include Interesting Images

Your images need to be large to get the highest amount of engagement on Facebook. A good size to make your images is 800 X 600px big. If you are having trouble locating interesting photos that relate to your content, try using royalty free photo sites like PhotoPin.

Engage with Users

Be active when you post your content, when someone comments try to engage with them and build a relationship.

Post at the right times

Don’t post your updates on Facebook at 1:00 am in the morning. Post when the your audience is listening to ensure more engagement. The best time to post on Facebook is between 1PM- 4PM and the worst is anytime between 8PM – 8AM.

All times listed are United States EST*


Via: [Cool Daily Infographics]

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