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Big Mistakes That Most Business Owners Make on Facebook Fan Pages

Sep 12, 2013


Posting too many times a day

Posting too much can result in losing likes, getting added to the spam filter and other negative actions against your business page on Facebook. It’s ideal to post between 2-3 times a day, anymore you might upset your user base. Posting depends on the type of business you are trying to run. Brands or companies should posting at least once a day.

Posting the same content again (reposting)

Reposting is not recommended when you are trying to build a user base on Facebook. You need to be posting content that is unique to your business. Reposting content makes your brand look unoriginal. If you are a service based business, post photos of your new completed work. This type of content is unique to your business, plus it will show your future customers that you do quality work.

Delete negative comments

Another huge mistake business owners do is delete negative comments from past clients. This type of censorship can blow up in your face. Instead of deleting negative comments, setup rules or guidelines that your team will follow on how to handle negative comments.

Posting one type of content

We all know that you want to show off your website with every status update on Facebook, but your fans don’t want to see the same link every day. Post other types of content to keep it fresh and interesting like status updates, infographics, photos, large project galleries, and links to great resources.

Not responding to your fans

Think of your Facebook fan page as an extension of your customer care service, if someone called your company right now, how long would it take for you to respond? Try to respond as quickly as possible. The average response rate is under 4 hours.

Not using a Facebook landing page

Using a custom Facebook landing page can help you gain more fans to like your page, offer promotions, and signup for your newsletter.

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