5 Ways To Get Positive Online Reviews For Your Business

Sep 11, 2013

From my experience working with local companies, there are two types of businesses that I see daily.

  1. Business that think reviews are hugely important but never really get many of them.
  2. Business that get most of their business from referrals, don’t get any online reviews and could care less.

The type of businesses that rely on referral leads and typical ignore online reviews don’t realize that within two-three years someone will read a negative review and it will affect that business. Businesses that work hard to get great positive reviews, the real power is in the customer leaving the reviews. You need to find ways to harness those customers to help spread the word about you on and off the web.

What simulates people to leave a review?

Typically a customer that is about to leave a review is one that is extremely happy about a product or services or is they are the complete opposite. Other ways to simulate someone to leave a review are the following:

  • You can start a promotion that might be people talking about your company.
  • Direct Marketing
  • Email Marketing (Letting them know you take reviews/feedback seriously)
  • Angry people that want to voice their opinion about your product or service! (Address these as quick as possible!)

Here are five important tips to gain more positive reviews:

1.) Don’t offer incentives to attract positive reviews.

Offering incentives to leave a positive review will look bad to most people on the outside. People want to see the honest truth about a company, they are not interested in fake looking reviews. Don’t dampen your brand or business will lack luster incentives, just offer great services or products that make your customer want to tell their friends.

2.) Make it Easy!

Make it easy for your customers to review your company. Don’t send your customers to Yelp or to Google if they are not an active user on those services. On your invoice, email newsletter or website have a feedback button that allows users to a review on multiple review sites so that your user has a choice in the matter. Make sure you tell them that you have feedback very serious and check these sites daily.

3.) It’s all about numbers.

The more positive reviews you gain, the better your company will look to new customers. Don’t feel bad if you come across some negative reviews, take the time and look at what they’re saying and try to fix the issue with that reviewer. Even if you are providing the best service or product available, people love to complain. The goal is to get more positive reviews than negative. So if we get 10 reviews, eight of them are positive and two are negative, address the negative ones and keep moving forward.

4.) Reach out to negative reviewers directly.

Try to reach out to the negative reviews and see if you can resolve the issue. Some companies tend to not want to do this since it puts them in the defensive position but you have an opportunity to receive constructive feedback.

5.) Pay attention to the reviews you already have.

You need to have happy customers to have positive reviews. Look at your current reviews on Google Places, Angie’s List, Twitter, Facebook and other review sites and see what people are genuinely saying about your brand in general. If it is negative, figure out why they are so unhappy and address it. Make sure you resolve the issues that are bothering your customers.

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