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How to optimize your landing page

Optimizing your landing pages is critical to building readership, sales, and profits. Before you optimize your landing page, make sure you know the current conversion rate. You will be able

The ingredients of effective SEO

“We’re looking for an SEO specialist.” I see this inquiry a lot from companies. They want to rank on the first page of Google; therefore, they search for an “SEO

4 Heatmap Tools For Tracking User Behavior on Your Website

Ever since the beginning of Google Analytics, webmasters were given so much rich information about visits, traffic and referring sites than ever before. This allowed webmasters to see where users

The Perfect Facebook Post

Provide Appealing Information Provide information to the user that makes them want to click and share with their friends. Keep things exciting and positive When your write your status updates,

Big Mistakes That Most Business Owners Make on Facebook Fan Pages

Posting too many times a day Posting too much can result in losing likes, getting added to the spam filter and other negative actions against your business page on Facebook.

5 Ways To Get Positive Online Reviews For Your Business

From my experience working with local companies, there are two types of businesses that I see daily. Business that think reviews are hugely important but never really get many of